Our Mission

Little Elephant is dedicated to providing quality early care and education for young children. Little Elephant upholds an image of the child as a powerful, competent, capable and integral member of the community. Little Elephant envisions each family as unique, deserving of respect, and the center of the child’s life. The staff at Little Elephant is dedicated to working with parents to support the personal growth and development of their children. While it may look like play, it is our philosophy that experimentation, exploration and questioning are the natural mode of learning for the young child.

Our Vision

We are a fully inclusive school welcoming all families. It is our goal to ensure that all families feel supported as partners in their child’s education. We welcome all. Little Elephant does not discriminate against children or their family. In our program we support and enrich individual development through several goal areas.

To support children socially and emotionally by providing staff that is responsive to the individual child while encouraging self-care and independence.

To support children intellectually by providing opportunities that reflects the child’s interest.

To support physical development by providing a well-balanced diet, an outstanding outdoor classroom, playground, and a variety physically stimulating activities.