Curriculum & Philosophy

Little Elephant provides an educational program designed to meet the needs of the whole child This program is based on the knowledge that young children are active learners, involved in a process that uses all their senses as they work and play with people and materials. We support the interest of each child, helping them to grow in their socio-emotional and cognitive skill development through hands-on experimentation with material and concepts. We believe that your child will discover and learn by making the decision needed to work through an activity, rather than being told exactly how to accomplish a task. We build our classroom curriculum around ideas of interest to the children. Each day there are opportunities for children to explore materials and create meaningful experiences. The activities emerge from the daily life of the children and adults in the program.

Our curriculum provides opportunities in several basic areas:

  • Language and literacy – children are encouraged to talk, sing, make up rhymes, and listen to stories. Teachers provide all the supplies for children to experiences those.
  • Mathematical thinking – children are encouraged to develop a sense of number and quantity.
  • Scientific thinking- children focus on the world they know and understand. Knowledge grows from the child’s innate need to discover.
  • Social studies- children explore the roles of relationship in their world.
  • The Arts- encourage children to express their creativity thought art, self-expression, dance, music, and dramatic play.Personal and social development- children are encouraged to develop a self-concept and self- control through interaction with others, problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • Physical development- includes large and small motor development, and an understanding of personal health and safety.

A child enters the world as a curious, capable human being who seeks relationships and connection with others. Schools should be places where the innate strengths of young children are nurtured. Schools should also be places where children are supported in growing to the full potential within an environment that is interesting, engaging, and responsive.